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The 1.5 release of merge tracking has basic support for common scenarios; we will be extending the feature in upcoming releases.

Subversion supports (but does not require) locking files so that users can be warned when multiple people try to edit the same file.

In 50k changes over 12 years, we have not had a problem.

I could see in a very busy repository, this might help.

Subversion notices when a file is executable, and if that file is placed into version control, its executability will be preserved when it it checked out to other locations.

Subversion also provides a way to attach arbitrary key/value properties to a revision (that is, to a committed changeset).

These properties are not versioned, since they attach metadata to the version-space itself, but they can be changed at any time.

The standalone server can also be tunnelled over ssh.

The Subversion command-line client (svn) offers various ways to resolve conflicting changes, include interactive resolution prompting.

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If you like someone and vice versa, you are given additional contact details of the person the next day.